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  1. Features:

    Dataset Converter can open databases according to BDE aliases, and users can input SQL commands to show the query result in the form and then save the query result into a different file format.

    Get Dataset Converter and give it a go to fully assess its capabilities! of the reinsurance transaction between Brocade and CNA, CNA is not entitled to recover unpaid premiums from Brocade as damages for breach of contract.

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  2. Aside from that, it also lets you organize your browser’s extensions automatically by grouping them into different profiles. You will appreciate this a lot.
    Other features of the add-on include:

    Clear Recent Activities

    Search box

    Extension and app menu

    Restore tabs via restoring list

    Restore tabs via restoring list with pinned tabs


    Does what it promises to do
    Extensity supports extensions developed through the Chrome Web Store. After installing

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  3. Looking for a free and easy to use YouTube downloader? Well, there is one that you have been looking for now, the Online Tube Downloader. With Online Tube Downloader, you can download any video and audio from the YouTube by simply searching a video on YouTube or by typing the name of the video on the searchbox of Online Tube Downloader.
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  4. The software is still being updated, even after the purchase and the date of the article, which is a good thing, but we cannot help but rank it more as a beta product with some programming errors.
    Nonetheless, we cannot help but notice that they are aware of its flaws, and they are working to solve some of them; which, in combination with other positive features, makes it a very helpful tool to use.

    Easy installation process
    Installing the application is a simple process that

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  5. While it is a reliable audio recorder and converter, there are quite a number of recommended media download managers that will do the job much better, at least when it comes to the compression quality, as well as the speed.


    CapWiSTER is a very powerful software that allows you to download individual songs from 7,900 tracks from iTunes Store, Amazon Music, Amazon VOD, Tunein, Spotify, Deezer, Saavn, Napster,

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  6. On the downside, those who want a highly functional program may want to look elsewhere.
    Textbar is a native Windows application, so the compatibility window is pretty small. Also, it supports all the latest operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
    The tool is available for both Windows and Mac systems for $17.99.

    Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read more about our partners here.

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  7. You won’t waste time either, as its GUIs won’t be overwhelming or difficult to navigate.
    Drops support in this app
    Since the app was crafted to view panorama files, it is naturally compatible with all drops. With it, you’re able to take advantage of the desirability of the latter while shooting your panoramas.
    Moreover, since it can be ported to almost any operating system, it is an excellent solution for users who don’t want to experience their drops

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  8. Save Money: By cleaning out of your out of your inbox of your attachments like dates, emails and attachments, you can save a lot of storage space.

    Automatically Keep Attachments: Prior to Outlook Attachments Cleanup.
    many people rely on the “move to” option to manually move the attachments (also known as chained items) from the Inbox to other folders such as Sent Items or Deleted Items,
    If you want to keep the attachment in the

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  9. Remember the old X-Files series? Well, you’re about to make some new memories.
    X-Files: VR Edition is a VR-based continuation of the X-Files series, combining traditional video games like play the games. The original 1973 franchise is extremely difficult to grasp, no matter how many times you watch the series, so X-Files: VR Edition is taking a completely different approach, using VR as its main medium.
    It’s been a while since the last X-Files game, and while it was extremely promising, it really didn’t leave much of an impact for

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  10. Porsche GT3

    The function of Porsche GT3 is for all purpose which you can get from the all-basic features from only one application. The available list of command tools are very useful and precisely and easy to do them without any any difficulties. It is also very easy to manage the product in this application as we no need any special computer knowledge (The product file is very small) for continue and finish the play of the application.

    It really keeps you in luxury

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  11. In fact, ScriptPro offers the user a friendly interface that presents the basic setup and usage information, as well as a brief description of the panel’s various features, to the end user.
    In addition, it is possible to save and load projects at a decent rate, while making use of the Wizard and Edit templates found in several panels. For instance, automation scripting templates exist, as well as Panels like Evaluation, History, Results, etc.
    ScriptPro exemplifies convenience for users of

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  12. What’s more, you can also attach custom handlers to them at the same time. When it comes to the actual extension part, the data you save will appear in any file formats without a hitch.The effects of additive compounds in a poli-lactic acid matrix on the physical properties of the polymer produced in situ.
    The formation of the three-dimensional polymer networks has been previously considered an intractable problem in which there are no additive compounds or processing conditions that give rise

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  13. with Performance Tests Now Available


    This software provides what is required to create a wireless home or office network without the use of a router. It gives users the flexibility of having the same access point for multiple devices which work seamlessly together without the need to manually confi

    Meet the world’s first Connectify Hotspot reviewer, Joe Shaw. The self-proclaimed “tech nut” has worked in tech and security for a fair whack of time and can usually be found in

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  14. By adjusting the opacity and brightness of the output, users can augment the effect.
    In addition to the above-mentioned settings, the Upright slider allows users to flip the source image, and the motion blur zooming adds a gradient layer to the picture.

    In parts 11 and 12…

    In parts 11 and 12… of the article “My Creative Choices in Adobe Lightroom”, you will see explanations I wrote to make the tool of “My Creative Choices” usable

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  15. And since one of its primary purposes is note taking, all you need to type in is your notes, or any other text you would like to work with.
    The application comes with the standard set of tools, with the highlight being offer; click-to-edit, undo and redo; the latter offering you the possibility to go up and down one line of text. And aside from that, you can check your spelling, tag words as you want, highlight various elements on the page,

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  16. With the growing need for enhancing the efficiency of Voice over IP technology, through the use of hardware, software and the latest in wireless technology, UC Technologies WIG10 OEM Wireless Kit has been tested and developed for market readiness. A remote control handset that utilizes the latest in IMT – Global System for Mobile (GSM) Telecommunications standard, this device is fully developed and tested to assure that it will operate under all GSM requirements. This wireless handset is able to be used in virtually any

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  17. However, the EXIF tag list needs room for some modern data-storing development, since it’s quite lacking of current information. It would have been easier to have the EXIF data draw from more modern GPS devices, instead of the standard GPS plugin.
    Sorting enables a more organized view of EXIF tags
    Generally speaking, browsing EXIF data for photos is easy to do and the software handles small to medium-sized folders quite well. Before going through EXIF information 05e1106874 sakuhila

  18. Version 1.3.3:

    Added properties to configure logging configuration

    Added interactive documentation for Java classes, types and exceptions

    Added support for graph explanations

    The Model Explanation Builder assists students in construction of explanation models, given models from an explanation program.
    The resulting model can be saved as an EMF model.

    Version 1.3.2:

    A new and updated tutorial on the usage of the Explanation Builder (written in German) 05e1106874 cailgene

  19. Q:

    Android Example from Header file not working

    I am following Andre Pirnay’s OpenGL ES Cookbook and have had 2 problems with his code.
    I use Eclipse and downloaded the source.

    Example 1 from his source didn’t work for me.
    Example 2 from his source using
    import java.nio.FloatBuffer;

    did work.
    Code from example 1:
    ByteBuffer byteBuffer = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect
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  20. Download Monitor – Monitor and Logger for Windows Live Mail

    Monitor and Logger for Windows Live Mail can be used to prevent any unauthorized changes to your email messages. The tool lets you choose which files to back up and when to do it.
    Create a free account at to learn more.
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  21. Set up once and forget about it, the traffic quota will alert you automatically on the next day.

    Paid download |
    Online tools |




    0 reviews

    EmproNetUsgAlert is a handy and reliable application designed to monitor bandwidth usage.
    EmproNetUsgAlert allows you to monitor download/upload traffic and alerts you when the quota is used up to a limit that you define.
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    NetStumbler v3.3.0.1


    NetStumbler is a wireless LAN scanner that helps you to scan public and private WLANs around you. As it comes with a GUI, it’s easy to use and even easier to understand.You only have to turn on the wireless card of your computer and NetStumbler will do the rest. So turn it on and be amazed of its power!

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  23. Upgrade the software if you do not have the latest version.
    ■ The Windows XP operating system or later.
    ■ A modem card compatible with any ISDN connection, with a speed of 128 Kbps or more
    ■ (In case of an ISP connection) a Windows PC with a DSL modem or ISDN connection with a speed of at least 128 Kbps at startup
    ■ Internet connection. Type of connection: DSL, Cable, ISDN or Satellite
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  24. Tipard DVD to iPad 2 Converter has many powerful editing functions to help you trim any segment of a video, crop the video aspect ratio, merge video pieces together, and add a watermark to your video.
    What’s New:
    Title List 2015.4.25
    Bug Fix
    Windows XP or newer


    Tipard iPad 2 Software Pack 2.9.6
    Windows XP or newer

    Tipard iPad 2 Software Pack
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  25. Ready to play, to record, to burn with 50 studio-grade, low-latency, high-resolution audio formats for superior reproduction and the world’s lowest noise. The Edifier m3 is a reliable open back headphone, designed for those people who want to play and record from the same headset.
    It is as compact as you are; attach the included carrying pouch to the back of the cable and you’ll have your Edifier m3 on your
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  26. The resulting solid will be placed under the specific Solid layer. This is where you will need to work with it. You can modify it as you wish.
    You can use the command MeshToSolid several times on the same mesh. It will keep getting added to the ‘Solid’ layer each time.
    Mesh To Solid for Rhino is a great Rhino extension that converts a mesh into a solid that is easy to work with. Moreover, it allows you to add the solid as a layer of
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  27. Step 1) Open Zafi.D Remover and click the Run Scan button.
    Step 2) When finished, the application will analyze your computer and give you a score of infection.
    Step 3) You can also change a number of settings, such as the scan frequency and the scan mode.
    Step 4) If you have any additional questions, the application features a Help button for you to reference.
    The application scans the system for Zafi.D, removes all the files
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  28. To help remove viruses completely, SpywareBlaster and CCleaner can be used.

    Remote Resource Cleaner offers a webbased solution to clean virus and spyware from remote computers.

    MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is the best protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware by a trusted company that focuses on providing quality, affordable personal and business anti-malware software.

    Zillya! is user-friendly application that allows you to block threats
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  29. OverDrive has the ability to handle a wider range of material including fo…

    A total sound solution that combines an equalizer (EQ) plugin with a high quality virtual reverb plugin in a single plugin.
    The EQ features a specially designed VU meters as well as dedicated and easily accessible frequency and level knobs to make it very easy for users to set up their plugin.
    The real time synth has a live echo effect, LFO and wave modulation as well as FM
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  30. . See more details for more.
    o [Version 4.25b][1]
    Changes in the English version of Saltego:
    o [Version 4.25a][3]
    – Fix compatibility with apache 2.2.
    – Some bug fix.
    – Improve localized files.
    o [Version 4.25][2]
    – Add choice to print report.
    o [Version 4.24b][4]
    – fix bug in Account -> Change
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  31. 2.0 or higher, (Download Plugin)
    ■ The Yahoo Widget Engine will be found under the Appearance tab.
    ■ A browser which supports HTML.
    ■ Fluid Framework “Pro”
    ■ Icons for the CSS properties “font-family” and “background-image”.
    ■ Dreamweaver for creating the HTML pages.
    ■ Styling of the buttons where they appear in the layout.
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  32. Documentless Snippet allows you to capture and save any web page immediately by simply clicking the Capture button. You can then organize and revisit the saved pages later.
    Additionally, you can create a snippet out of the recorded page if it’s a link.
    A database is being created that will allow you to look up and inspect the retrieved content on your screen.
    What’s more, you can find the search phrases of the captured page while it is being recorded.
    You can also
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  33. Mytolerance (version 8.0.481)Description: MyTolerance Editor is designed for sportsmen, joggers, extreme athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a powerful, all-in-one Utility and Tablets Application from Maxxi Software. MyTolerance does the following things: • Provide a total body experience for users with health issues, such as: Asthma, DEPTH PHYSIOLOGY, Clinically Proven / Re-Calculated / Education-
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  34. Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch

    OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, NT 4.0

    Auvisoft Audio Converter is a program developed by Auvisoft Audio Converter Software, supplied as a free download. Auvisoft Audio Converter Software is a completely free program, supplied for home use only, as used by Audio file enthusiasts
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  35. Q:

    How to remove noise from an image in python?

    Hi everyone i would like to know how to remove noise from an image and then output it in a specified format.
    The image was taken from my cam and it has a lot of noise.
    I have some ideas on how to remove the noise from it but i’m not sure how to convert the pixels to a different size and remove the noise in a appropriate way.
    I use OpenCV for python and i have an image of 350×550 so i could use different code to output the image with a different size. The format i want to
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  36. Read review

    Developer’s Comment

    August 30, 2010, 09:42 AM

    Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple SWF Files Into One is a software application which allows you to merge two or more Flash video files with the SWF format. It can be easily figured out, even by inexperienced users.

    The app’s interface is based on a standard window with an uncomplicated layout. Importing items into the file list can be done with the help of
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  37. JAsyncSocket has two important libraries: JAsyncDatagramSocket and JAsyncInetSocket. Both of them are used to create a server or a client connection that send and receive data or messages.

    JAsyncDatagramSocket is used to create a server connection to a data network. A JAsyncDatagramSocket is server-like, it listening on specific data ports, waiting for connections to it and the socket when it is bound to a specific port it establishes a endpoint (a
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  38. Viewer Release 2.10

    How to run the application:
    * Double click IMgtileViewer* on your desktop, to open up the program. Or run the *.vb application from any Windows XP/Vista/7, or Linux, or Mac OS X based context (eg: Apache, IIS, terminal, etc).* From your browser, navigate to the following path, on your computer:
    C:\Program Files\IMgtile Viewer\IM
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  39. Coming in as a cross-platform solution as well, no third-party plugins are needed to make this app work, as it relies mainly on Windows features.
    One out of two hundred features highly useful tools
    If you don’t happen to have installed it before, it may be worth noting that PCmover Professional for Windows comes equipped with a number of useful features that are somewhat limited to its own application, such as the ability to:
    • Easily manage the drivers that are
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  40. Is better to work with the public repository where you can see a partial description of all the software.

    The MITO project
    MITO is a collaborative, open-source project whose goal is to create a high quality, open-source MATLAB interface to the DICOM file format on Linux. There are two primary objectives to MITO:
    1) To create a robust and stable MATLAB interface for the DICOM file format that will run current and future
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  41. As opposed to a single plan, Edificius-LAND gives you access to a BIM model that enables you to configure and keep track of the design.
    Edificius-LAND is destined to both architects and professionals who are solely involved in landscaping projects as well as for interior projects that include the creation of environs and green spaces.
    It is necessary to note that the app is compatible with Windows 8 and higher, as well as models saved in SketchUp, Revit,
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  42. The app is provided by the Developer Team DRsoft and you can download it from the Official Website.

    BAT Token Manager Delivers Convenient What to Do List

    PDF to Word Converter for Mac

    What’s in this list?

    Publish your lists on DHGate?

    DHGate data storage is fast and easy-to-use. You can easily find that everything you need for your lists and journals.

    4,846 People using this Blogger
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